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What it's like to DETOX from Heroin


What it’s like to DETOX from Heroin: A story by R.F.

“I’ve done many detoxes in my life. None of them worked except for the last time. I was finally ready. Every other time my parents, the court, my girlfriend and my friends were the ones that I did it for. But this last time, I detoxed for myself. The last time I detoxed was the first time I felt I had the proper care, the previous times I felt like just another patient. Those previous times were hospital-based and I felt like I was part of a system that worked like a revolving door for people who detoxed over and over again.

Every time I detoxed from heroin I faced similar symptoms. My eyes dilated, my skin crawled, my stomach hurt, I began to sweat and I felt like my heart was going to explode. The withdrawal was a nightmare and I felt depressed like there was no reason to live anymore. I didn’t sleep for three weeks because my body was in so much shock. I’m grateful I went through this process and I’m finally on the other side. I couldn’t have made it through alive it without the team of professionals and my Higher Power.”

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