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When you’re an executive, people look up to you for your leadership qualities. You’re expected to keep it together under pressure. But who supports you?

If you’re struggling with a substance abuse disorder, you may not feel as though you can seek assistance or medical detox discreetly. You may not want others in your organization to know what’s going on. However, you need to be able to confide in someone and get the help that you require. In many cases, an executive detox at home can safely and successfully get you on the road to recovery.

Executives and addiction

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can develop a substance abuse disorder, including CEOs and other high-earning professionals.

Addiction is a brain disorder that involves the reward networks in the brain. People take drugs for several reasons, including:

• To experience feelings of euphoria, relaxation or satisfaction
• To feel better when they’re dealing with stress, anxiety or other uncomfortable emotions
• To improve their performance or focus
• To fit in with social standards

There are several risk factors that can make an individual more likely to develop an addiction. For example, aggressive behavior, lack of parental supervision and genetics can make someone prone to abusing substances.

Success and wealth don’t make you less likely to turn to drugs to cope with stress, pressure and trauma. Up to 10 percent of high-earning executives may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. In fact, people who are financially abundant may find it easier to access drugs and hide the problem.

CEOs and other executives often have flexible schedules. They may not have to show up to the office every day. If they’re dealing with withdrawal, they can leave work whenever they want.

Why executives might avoid medical detox

The stigma surrounding drug abuse leads many people to avoid seeking help. CEOs and executives don’t want to appear weak. They may fear that they’ll lose the respect of their employees if anyone finds out that they have a substance abuse disorder or if they enter into a medical detox program.

Therefore, they may avoid reaching out for treatment. Plus, with all of their obligations and responsibilities, they may feel as though they don’t have time to get clean. When you have managed your substance abuse disorder for years, you might think that you can keep doing what you’re doing and maintain the status quo.

Executive home detox is often the first step that high-earning professionals can turn to in order to eliminate drugs from their systems. It’s an alternative to inpatient programs.

Executive detox at home offers several benefits, including:

• Privacy and confidentiality
• Comfortable care in your own home
• Medical detox to help you stay comfortable as you eliminate drugs from your system
• Supervision to allow you to detox safely
• Access to friends and family members that can support you

Why might you need executive detox at home?

People turn to executive home detox for a wide variety of situations. Perhaps you’re an executive who has a long meeting coming up. You worry that you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms during the convention. Going through executive detox at home ahead of time can quickly balance out your system and provide you with physical support to function optimally at the gathering.

Maybe you’re a CEO, but you’re also a mother who needs to be responsible for getting the kids to school every day and helping them with their homework. Executive home detox provides you with the care you need without taking you away from your family and daily duties.

Whether you’re in a hotel room binge drinking on a business trip or gradually increasing your consumption of drugs at home, executive home detox can get you on the road to recovery.

How our executive medical detox at home can help you

Detox is an essential part of the recovery process. Your brain and body need to balance themselves without the influence of drugs in your system. However, as you adjust to the lack of chemicals in your body, you will often experience withdrawal symptoms that can prevent you from going to work or taking care of your obligations. You may not feel as though you can take time off to leave home for treatment.

Executive medical detox at home provides you with the clinical care that you need in the comfort of a familiar environment. We aim to support you physically, emotionally and psychologically with customized executive medical detox at home treatment plans that address acute withdrawal symptoms and launch you into a post-detox treatment program.

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