08 Sep

5 Questions Opiate Abusers Ask

  Deciding to stop drinking or using drugs is the first step toward recovery, but the most feared and physically challenging step is detoxification, particular for those abusing opiates. ¬†Detoxing from opiates is so challenging that it’s often the reason a person relapses. However with supportive physical and emotional care and by understanding what to […]

09 Jan

My Parent’s got me sober

  My parents forced me into rehab and I stayed for 90 days. I would have left sooner, but I had nowhere else to go. My counselor told me that my next step was a ‘sober living’ place. I didn’t know what that was but I learned that I could go there and learn how […]

09 Jan

What it’s like to DETOX from Alcohol: A story by A.W.

  “I was the CEO of a successful company, and I was able to retire early when I sold the company at forty years old. I began to travel with my wife and kids and was living the good life. Without the structure of a day-to-day schedule, I became restless and felt empty, irritable and […]

09 Jan

What it’s like to DETOX from Heroin: A story by R.F.

  “I’ve done many detoxes in my life. None of them worked except for the last time. I was finally ready. Every other time my parents, the court, my girlfriend and my friends were the ones that I did it for. But this last time, I detoxed for myself. The last time I detoxed was […]

09 Jan

Cleaning up the Wreckage of the Past: Finances

  It’s rare for a person to get sober and have a clean and clear financial life. Many folks feel anxious, agitated and overwhelmed. There is hope, though and it lies in asking for help. It’s difficult to think about how to address the parking tickets, overdrawn checking accounts, high credit card bills, school loans, […]

09 Jan

Tools for Successful Spiritual Balance and Recovery

As I’ve seen people grow in recovery, the people who seem successful approach their recovery with several different tools. Spirituality: New recovery often includes a focus on spirituality. For some this means prayer, meditation, journaling, working the 12 Steps, taking yoga, attending church or attending solo workshop retreats.Nutrition: Maintaining a well-balanced diet including breakfast, lunch […]

09 Jan

The best place in the United States to find sobriety

The best place in the United States to find sobriety I’ve been asked why someone would want their family member to start their recovery in Los Angeles. Concerned parents have wondered if LA might be a risky place for someone to get sober because it’s a big city with seemingly lots of temptation for a […]