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Am I Dating An Alcoholic?

dating an alcoholic

Have you recently asked the question: Am I dating an alcoholic? The outcomes of having an alcohol addiction can be severe, not just for the person drinking too much, but also for those in their life, such as family members, peers, colleagues, and neighbors. However, the individual who often suffers the most is someone who […]

Why Does The Nose Turn Red From Alcohol Abuse?

alcohol red nose

One of the telltale signs of alcohol misuse is alcohol red nose. This condition is quite common in people who have misused alcohol for a long period. This is because their body has undergone physical changes from the alcohol, and a red nose is just one such change.  Why Does Alcohol Turn the Nose Red? […]

Am I An Alcoholic

guy questioning Am I An Alcoholic

Do you have concerns about how much you drink? Do you have family members who are heavy drinkers or are struggling with alcohol use disorder? Maybe you are asking yourself, “Am I an alcoholic?”  Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism To answer the question “Am I An Alcoholic” largely depends on your family history and drinking […]

What Is Alcohol Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

Alcohol Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome in Los Angeles

Alcohol post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) is the recurrence of withdrawal symptoms for months—or even years—after alcohol detox. Acute withdrawal symptoms are usually physical symptoms that last about a week or two during detox. As your symptoms peak during the acute phase of withdrawal, you might begin experiencing mental health symptoms such as anxiety or depression […]