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How to Administer Narcan

how to administer narcan

Narcan is an FDA-approved medication used to assist someone who has overdosed on opioids. A brand name for the medication Naloxone, it is administered via a nasal spray. Narcan requires a prescription to purchase. Learning how to administer Narcan can save lives.   The Narcan website states that its nasal spray should be “used for […]

The Most Commonly Abused Drugs in LA

most commonly abused drugs

Unfortunately, some of the most commonly abused drugs in LA are some of the most deadly. Los Angeles showcases many legendary ideals for most people. Year-round warm weather, proximity to the beach, and the legacy of Hollywood are some of the most popular. L.A. positions itself as the land of opportunity. Each year, thousands of […]

Rapid Detox at Home for Opiate Addiction

rapid detox at home for opiate addiction

Rapid detox at home for opiate addiction can help make the pain of withdrawal easier to cope with and encourage successful recovery. The ordeal of kicking an opiate addiction is a grueling, painful and very unpleasant experience. Ask anyone who has gone through it, the minutes can feel like hours and the hours can seem […]

Medical Detox: Don’t Face Withdrawal Symptoms Alone

Don’t Face Withdrawal Symptoms Alone

How drug and alcohol addiction works Substance abuse disorders affect dopamine levels in the brain, creating an unnatural chemical change. When intense psychological and physical cravings are developed and fed on a regular basis it results in physical and emotional dependence on drugs and alcohol. The longer a person uses drugs or alcohol, the more […]

At Home Heroin Detox

At Home Heroin Detox

At home heroin detox with a concierge medical team After a heroin addiction has gutted someone’s life—and only then—will they finally have had enough of the misery and begin to consider getting help.  By this point they have run out of excuses to keep using and face the harsh reality that without treatment they will […]