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The Importance of Exercise in Recovery

exercise in recovery

The road to recovery involves making several lifestyle changes. For starters, you begin your recovery by undergoing medically supervised detox to purge your body of alcohol or other substances you frequently misused. Next, you need to replace unhealthy behaviors with healthier ones. For example, the importance of exercise in recovery lies in its many benefits, […]

Setting Goals and Expectations in Detox and Recovery

goals and expectations in detox

An essential part of detox is to set goals with realistic expectations. This is a crucial step in the recovery process. Without taking the time to set goals and expectations in detox, you will not have a clear path forward after you complete your treatment.  The Importance of Realistic Expectations in Recovery Having realistic expectations […]

Dealing with Depression in Addiction Recovery

depression in addiction recovery

With October being National Depression Education and Awareness Month, it is important to understand depression can occur to anyone at any time. Depressive symptoms can occur, which leads a person to addiction. Conversely, addiction can lead to depression. No matter how your depression started, it is essential to know how to manage your depression in […]

Signs and Symptoms of Adderall Addiction

adderall addiction

Adderal has become a popular drug frequently misused by teenagers and young adults. Thanks to pop culture, television, and movies, Adderall has been portrayed as a drug that helps enhance studying and as a party drug. However, misusing Adderall without a prescription can negatively impact your body and mind. By learning more about the signs […]

What Are The Signs Of Depression?

signs of depression

Most people do not realize the link between depression and addiction and how they are often closely intertwined. Many people struggling with depression can turn to alcohol and drugs to self-medicate to deal with the signs of depression. Conversely, people with alcohol or substance use disorders can develop depression.  What Is Depression? It is normal […]

Antidepressant Medication and Alcohol

antidepressant medication and alcohol

Those who use antidepressant medication and alcohol should be aware of the risks of mixing these medications together because the combination reduces their effectiveness, has numerous side effects, and can be fatal. Therefore, when taking antidepressants, you should avoid drinking alcohol, as mixing these substances can make you feel tired, less alert, and uncoordinated, to […]