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Setting Goals and Expectations in Detox and Recovery

goals and expectations in detox

An essential part of detox is to set goals with realistic expectations. This is a crucial step in the recovery process. Without taking the time to set goals and expectations in detox, you will not have a clear path forward after you complete your treatment. 

The Importance of Realistic Expectations in Recovery

Having realistic expectations and goals in recovery is vital for the recovery process. Your goals are the steps you will take to realize your expectations. For example, you could have a goal to exercise more or eat healthier. These two goals focus on your health, which is essential to recovery. Therefore, better health would be a realistic expectation. 

Furthermore, establishing realistic expectations during a medically assisted detox helps you keep on track with your recovery process. As a result, you will be more likely to successfully maintain your sobriety. However, it is worth noting that setting realistic expectations is so much more than just avoiding relapse and helps you:

Reduce stress. When you have realistic goals and expectations that are attainable, you will not be as stressed. You can also see your progress much easier and know you are achieving your goals and expectations. 

Monitor your progress. Having realistic goals and expectations in detox helps you determine how you are progressing in your recovery. You can compare where you currently are with where you expected to be. This also allows you to determine if your goals and expectations were unrealistic or set too low and need to be adjusted accordingly. 

Avoid the unexpected. Some people assume all they need to do is show up, and recovery will be easy. However, this is an unrealistic view of recovery. When you have realistic goals and expectations, you are better able to handle the recovery process without being overwhelmed and without any unexpected surprises.  

Develop patience. Patience is an essential part of recovery, and developing it helps you remain on track. To avoid becoming overly impatient, setting realistic goals and expectations is crucial. When you do, you will find it easier to remain patient as you work on your recovery progress. 

The Dangers of Unrealistic Expectations

Setting unrealistic goals and expectations in detox can negatively impact your recovery efforts. This is not to say you will fail and relapse, just that you will find your addiction treatment and recovery much more difficult. In addition, unrealistic goals and expectations can cause you to lose motivation because you are not progressing as you envisioned. Other dangers of unrealistic expectations include:

Resentment. You can feel resentment towards others, especially when you see others achieving their goals and expectations in recovery. You could also resent loved ones who are not meeting your expectations, like being able to trust you immediately just because you started detox and recovery treatment.

Disappointment. It is easy to feel disappointed when you are not reaching your goals and expectations. You may feel like you are pushing yourself as hard as possible but still are not making any progress. 

Complacency. You may find detox is going well, so you assume your recovery treatment will be just as easy. You might start not putting in as much effort or skipping steps in the recovery process. 

Added stress and pressure. Having unrealistic goals and expectations in detox can place added stress and pressure on yourself. As a result, you may start to wonder why you are even attempting recovery because it is so stressful. 

Harshly judging yourself. Since you are not meeting your goals and expectations, it is easy to become your own worst critic. This can lead to further negativity that can disrupt the recovery process.

Relapse. The accumulative effects of the other dangers of unrealistic expectations can lead to relapse. You can get to the point where you feel like recovery is not working, so you think, why bother? As such, you throw in the towel and return to your former addictive habits. 

Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations in Detox

When setting realistic goals and expectations in recovery, use the following guidelines:

  • Educate yourself on your detox and recovery treatment.
  • Learn more about your addiction.
  • Remember that recovery is a process that takes time.
  • Set goals and expectations that improve your physical and mental health.
  • Get input from your recovery team to help develop realistic goals and expectations.
  • Remember to be flexible and make adjustments when needed.
  • Account for your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Ensure your goals will help you take the steps to reach your expectations.

Maintaining Expectations in Recovery

It is essential to review your goals and expectations in detox regularly during your recovery and make adjustments when needed. For example, if you are not progressing as fast as you think you should, take a moment to acknowledge the progress you have already made. Then, adjust your goal accordingly to help get you back on track. 

It is also beneficial to adjust your expectations as you progress through recovery. What was realistic today may not be realistic tomorrow. Also, remember everyone will progress through recovery at a different pace. So if you are not keeping up with someone else, it does not mean you are failing. You are just moving at your own pace, which is perfectly acceptable. 

Most importantly, be prepared for difficulties during recovery. There will be highs when you feel like you are moving forward. There will also be lows when you hit roadblocks. Additionally, there will be times when you may feel like things are overwhelming. It is important to remember, throughout your treatment process, that you are not alone. At MD Home Detox, our compassionate detox team will offer you support throughout your entire recovery journey, so you are able to reach all of your sobriety goals.

Find Treatment for Detox and Recovery in Beverly Hills, CA  

When you are ready to start detox and recovery, you can do so from the comfort of your home with medically supervised detox from MD Home Detox in Beverly Hills and Los Angles, CA. We offer concierge-level detox and recovery programs customized to your specific needs, which include helping you set realistic goals and expectations. To start your at-home detox or for more information about our programs, contact us today.

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