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What Are The Effects And Dangers Of Synthetic Drugs?

dangers of synthetic drugs

In recent years, the number of synthetic drugs on the market continues to increase. Some of these drugs are created to be a substitute for prescription medications. In addition, other synthetic drugs are produced and sold legally in place of illicit substances. As a result, there are real dangers of synthetic drugs you need to […]

What Are The Different Types Of Designer Drugs?

what are designer drugs

For some people, misusing illicit substances, such as cocaine, opioids, or marijuana, is not sufficient to bring about the euphoric state they desire. Instead, they turn to designer drugs that deliver a higher and stronger effect. So, what is a designer drug, and how is it misused? Read on to learn more about the different […]

5 Ways You Can Prepare For Your At-Home Detox

Prepare for your at home detox

When you are ready to take the first steps to recovery from your substance abuse disorder, detox is an essential part of the process. One viable option for detox when you want to start your recovery journey in the comfort of your house is at-home detox. However, there are several tips you need to know […]

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse

Long-term substance abuse causes chemical changes in the brain. These changes can make it challenging to resist cravings for alcohol and drugs. In recent years, the use of medication-assisted treatment for substance abuse has increased usage as a means to help the addict safely detox.  What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse? Medication-assisted treatment for […]