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Do I Have a Drinking Problem? Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of Alcoholism

Are you worried that you or your loved one has a drinking problem? It’s difficult to be objective when trying to figure out this drinking puzzle. Denials, rationalization, and emotions lead to confusion – making it difficult to draw a line between what is acceptable and what is going too far. A standard picture of an alcoholic is a person who drinks too much and their life has fallen apart due to this. However, this is not always the case. There are people who will be fine even though they abuse alcohol. This is referred to as a high functioning alcoholic.

Even though there are fuzzy boundaries, drinking problems can be classified either as alcohol dependence or problem drinking. A problem drinker doesn’t have a full-fledged alcohol addiction even though drinking may take a toll on their daily lives. Many people can manage moderate drinking but for individuals with specific risk factors, drinking can become a serious and uncontrollable addiction.

Alcoholism stages may progress to a stage that serious consequences are experienced unless proper treatment is offered.

3 Stages of alcoholism

There are three main stages of alcoholism, namely:

1. Early addiction stage

This stage is hard to detect because there aren’t any obvious dysfunction or impairment. At this time, an addict’s body is building a tolerance to alcohol so one can drink large quantities without losing control.

2. Middle addiction stage

During this stage, one starts to notice social and physical effects of drinking. You can develop strong cravings for alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms if you don’t get any. Alcoholic blackouts can also occur due to excessive drinking. Physical withdrawal systems may include rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, pale skin, severe headaches, excessive sweating, vomiting and enlarged pupils.

3. Late or end addiction stage

At this stage, a person will have lost control and the disease begins to affect them socially, mentally and physically. One becomes obsessed with alcohol that they even allow it to interfere with their work or destroy their relationships. The blackouts occur frequently and one cannot sleep without drinking.

Common signs of alcoholism

Hiding or lying about your drinking

One of the main problems a high functioning alcoholic will have is denial. A person drinks secretively or lies to make it look like they are sober. It can be difficult for such an individual to keep up with this behavior but it’s an essential sign to show that they are in a more serious problem.

Regular blackouts

Another red flag is drinking excessively that you have no memory of anything that happened. If you realize this is happening to you (or to someone else), ask yourself why you are drinking so excessively. No one needs to blackout so as to have fun. So, there must be a reason behind it.

Neglecting your responsibilities

In case you realize you have issues at school, work or with household responsibilities due to drinking, your problem is pretty serious. You need to realize that the alcohol has already crossed the line from a simple indulgence to something that’s causing serious effects to your daily life.

Drinking to feel better or relax

People who struggle an addiction abuse the substance of their choice for emotional reasons. Whether is depression, stress or anxiety, taking alcohol to ease negative feeling can be risky. The more you drink the more you’ll have a stressful day and end up drinking all day long.

Experiencing withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal is very different from a hangover. Instead of being a reaction one experiences after taking too much alcohol it is a reaction to lack of alcohol. When you start to feel tired, irritable, anxious, and nauseous or depressed when you haven’t taken a drink, there is a chance that you are going through a withdrawal. Additional signs may include loss of appetite, sleeping problems and experiencing trembling or shaking.

Medical detox for alcoholism

If you realize that you have these signs of alcoholism, you should know that you need professional help to sober up. MD Home Detox can provide full medical detoxification in the privacy and comfort of your home.

We offer help to people who suffer from alcoholism and ensure they fully recover from their addiction. Contact us today to get a comprehensive medical examination and get the best treatment for alcohol addiction.

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