Home Detox Treatment

Home Detox Treatment in the Comfort of Your Home

As you begin your detoxification process, a safe withdrawal will be the primary concern for you and your family. Your doctor, a Board Certified Addiction Specialist, will work closely with the treatment team to ensure you receive the best medical and psychological care possible as you progress through the detoxification phase of your treatment. The private nursing staff will closely monitor your vital signs, medication needs, sleep patterns, and nutritional intake. Most individuals are not ready to begin therapy, attend group, or meet with a psychiatrist until the detox process is over. Our aim is to ensure that the client is medically stable and has completed the detoxification phase before a psychiatrist or therapist begins diagnosis or treatment. The clinical team strongly believes in allowing the client to return to their natural state of mind, body, and spirit before diagnosing or working with co-occurring disorders.

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Home Detox Treatment with MD Home Detox is beneficial for someone who is concerned with confidentiality and wants to be supervised by a medical team in the safety of his or her home. Having this kind of service take place in the home allows the clinical team to understand your circumstances and design a roadmap to best fit your recovery.

Yes, MD Home Detox is a safe alternative to detoxification in an inpatient environment for many people. Our clinical team, under the Medical Doctor’s supervision, will help you decide if this is the right fit for you.

Our clients are often most comfortable at home, and so they find that detoxification at home is less stressful than it would be in an inpatient facility. There are other benefits to having a detoxification process happen in the home as well. The MD Home Detox team will be able to understand your environment, including triggers for your substance use, how you interact with your family and community, and what changes will be necessary to support your long and short term goals.

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