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Research shows that drug addiction affects more than 25 million Americans. Dependence on drugs has many effects on addicts and those close to them. Its results include declining health of addicts, destruction of relationships, and abdication of responsibilities by addicts. Overcoming a substance dependence is necessary to live a long, healthy life.

Once you choose to give up drugs, there are many approaches to detox and recovery you may try. These methods include home detox, hospitalization, outpatient programs, medications, and therapies. Consult an addiction expert to know which plan is safe for you.

Many addicts that want to get better prefer home detox. They make this choice because it is convenient, promotes privacy, and it is affordable. Home detox can work if you take the right measures to do it safely. Knowing what is the best way to detox at home and preparing for challenges you may face is essential to doing it successfully. 

What is Medical Detox? 

Quitting drugs is often not a straightforward process. Some addicts need medical detox to overcome their dependence. They experience severe withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous to their well being. These effects are uncomfortable, and they can make you use the substance you are trying to detox from to stop them. Medical detox can be useful in detoxing from substances with severe withdrawal symptoms.

Medical detox is where an addict detoxes in the presence of trained addiction experts. During detox, you stop using the substances that your body has become used to getting. Consequently, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms as your body returns to its normal functioning. The specialists may equip you with techniques or prescribe meds to help deal with these signs.

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Medical detox can be an appropriate strategy under these circumstances: 

1. The Drug You Are Quitting Can Lead to Uncomfortable Withdrawal Symptoms

For example, research shows about 10 percent of alcohol addicts that detox can develop severe withdrawal effects. The signs can include life-threatening convulsions. If you know how to safely detox from alcohol at home, it may not be enough. Medical professionals will examine the likelihood of having these symptoms. They may prepare you for these effects and prescribe the necessary medications to help you cope with them.

2. You Had Tried Quitting at Home Before and Failed

Once your body becomes dependent on drugs, starving it from drugs can lead to cravings. You may struggle to resist these urges by yourself. Medical professionals that specialize in addiction can help you suppress these desires to return to drugs. Their expertise will ensure that you do not relapse. 

Types of Drug Detox Treatment 

Settling on the appropriate method of treatment is critical to ensuring you overcome an addiction. Addicts have the following options to consider. 

Inpatient Detox 

This approach involves rehabilitation and residential programs. You will stay in the detox center through the critical parts of treatment. It is ideal for addicts with severe addiction, those that have tried quitting and failed, or those at risk of having severe withdrawal symptoms. You will be subject to 24-hour supervision, you will not access drugs, and the experts can provide timely treatment in case of an emergency. It is a bit expensive, but it gives you a good chance of overcoming addiction without complications. Admission often lasts between 30 to 90 days.

Outpatient Detox 

Outpatient detox involves you receiving treatment by visiting a detox center periodically. It is appropriate for a patient with mild addiction or those quitting drugs that pose less risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. You stay at home and leverage the familiar surroundings to help with your recovery. It is less expensive than inpatient detox. Treatment programs in the outpatient methods include psychotherapy, 12-step programs, and variations of individual counseling. Sessions may equip you with critical skills on how to detox from drugs at home.

Psychosocial Treatments 

Psychosocial treatments focus on altering thought patterns and behaviors that lead to addiction. Some treatment approaches involved include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), contingency management therapy, and motivational interviewing. These therapies equip you with the mental strength and knowledge necessary to overcoming addiction. 

Luxury and Executive Treatment 

Besides the essential programs you need for treatment, the facilities that provide these services have extra benefits. They offer massage services, beautiful surroundings, and chef-prepared meals. 

Which Type of Detox Center Should I Consider? 

Choosing the right facility increases your chances of getting better. Consider these factors before making your decision. 

  1. Cost – detox facilities offer distinct services at different prices. Go through their charges and choose one that is affordable to you. Check that they accept your insurance before committing with them.

  2. Services – detox centers provide a range of services to their clients. For example, some facilities specialize in specific drugs, while others offer some complimentary services. The center should have sound policies and plans in place to deal with various needs, such as withdrawal treatment. Go through what a center offers before seeking treatment with them.

  3. Dual Diagnosis Treatment – many addicts struggle with addiction and other disorders. For example, some patients struggle with drug dependence and mental health disorders. One condition might have triggered the other. The facility you choose should be able to diagnose and treat two disorders concurrently.

  4. Aftercare Program – overcoming addiction does not stop once you detox. It is a continuous process that spans from detox to your aftercare. You have to choose a facility that will focus on both your detox and also help you come up with an aftercare program. They should offer therapy and insights on lifestyle changes to sustain your sobriety.

  5. Amenities Available – in some cases, addiction centers may be overpopulated. This situation makes it difficult for you to receive much-needed care. Overpopulation means the doctors will be overworked, which makes it less likely for them to offer you the attention you deserve. Additionally, in case you seek residential treatment, overpopulation will provide a less conducive environment to support your detox.

How Long Does Home Detox Take? 

The duration of treatment often varies with the specifics of each case. Some patients get better with short-term treatment, while others need long-term treatment. If you have been an addict for a long time, your recovery will take a longer time than that of someone who has only become an addict recently. Similarly, patients that take addictive substances will need longer recovery times than those who use less addictive drugs. The method of treatment chosen may also affect your recovery duration.

Once you detox from drugs, having a good aftercare plan increases your likelihood of staying sober. The aftercare program can go on for years. It includes lifestyle changes, meetings with other addicts, and therapy.  

Each Addiction is Unique 

If this substance use disorder is your first case, it is easy to think that all dependence is the same. However, each case is different. Different addicts have different causes, symptoms, and roads to recovery. Do not generalize your oath to recovery. 

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Learn different ways to deal with addiction and employ one that is likely to work for you. For example, while other alcohol addicts quit cold turkey (at once), others have to taper off drinking slowly. Additionally, different people experience varying severity of withdrawal symptoms. Knowing the best way to detox off alcohol at home might not be enough to get you sober. You should be able to improvise as needed or receive tailored treatment. 

Mental Health Concerns 

Co-occurring addiction and mental disorders affect millions of Americans. These conditions could have led to the other in your case. The concurrent treatment gives you the best chance of recovering from both ailments. Mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder, often complicate your substance dependence treatment. You must seek treatment from a facility that specializes in both or consult a professional before you detox at home. Treating the underlying causes of each gives you an excellent chance of being committed to the recovery process and not relapsing.

Finding the Best Home Detox 

If you are looking for an addiction facility to consult you on the best way to detox from drugs or alcohol, MD Home Detox is the right choice. We provide mental health programs, home IV, aftercare, home detox, interventions, and family therapy, among other services across the country. We provide Home Detox services in different locations that include: California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Washington. 

We offer concierge services, which enable you to get help while respecting your privacy. Our experts craft a treatment program for you to observe at home. The familiar surroundings help you get better. It also gives our doctors a comprehensive understanding of your environment. They can then design a program that ensures you detox and stay sober while in the setting. We accept most insurance covers, and we are available when you need us. 

Mental health is a concern among a significant number of addicts. The treatment you get should be able to address any cognitive issues you may have. Our specialists take your mental state into account and design a plan that helps you get better concurrently. They dig deep into your disorders, establish their causes, and provide treatment that improves your well being. 

Find A Detox Doctor at MD Home Detox

Addicts that choose to get better have important decisions to make. Selecting methods to help you get better, and types of treatment to receive can be challenging. The choices you make will impact the success of your treatment. Home detox and medical detox programs can be appropriate in specific conditions. Various facilities offer different services at varying prices. Consider the one that you can afford and provide the services you need.

MD Home Detox provides concierge detox services that we tailor to fit your unique needs. We have a team of professionals that examines your case and designs treatment and aftercare plans that ensure you get sober and remain that way. Specialists advise you on the best way to detox from methadone at home or any other drug.

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