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Outpatient Detox at Home

Outpatient Detox at Home

Outpatient detox at home offers increased privacy

Imagine trying to rebuild a house that has crumbled due to an earthquake without first clearing the debris and stabilizing the foundation.  The outcome would just not be very solid, would it?  The same analogy can be applied to recovery from alcohol or drug dependency.  Substance abuse wreaks havoc on one’s life, reducing it in many ways to rubble.  If the goal of rebuilding a life so damaged from addiction is to be realized, a stable, detoxified “foundation” must first be prepared.

Why outpatient detox at home is a viable option

The recovery process towards becoming clean and sober for life begins with the detox and withdrawal phase.  This difficult process must be managed and monitored carefully by trained professionals who can provide ongoing assistance in relieving the withdrawal symptoms.  By helping the individual through the discomforts of withdrawal, the detox team helps usher them into the treatment phase of recovery that will immediately follow.

For many people, drug or alcohol detox at home offers many benefits.  Some of the advantages of at-home detox include:

• Confidentiality
• Less stress than an inpatient detox
• Privacy
• Familiar surroundings
• Comfort

What does outpatient detox at home look like?

Before drug or alcohol detox begins, the individual will undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine the detox plan of action.  There are prescription drugs that are used for opiate and alcohol detox that can diminish the withdrawal effects and reduce cravings, increasing the possibility of a successful detox.  These drugs are administered and monitored by the detox nurse under doctor’s orders for the duration of the detox, and sometimes beyond.

To help mitigate the common withdrawal symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, headache, or fever, over-the-counter medications will be available.  Withdrawal symptoms usually begin within 6-12 hours of the last dose of the substance, and peak at about 72 hours.  The goal is to assist the individual through the withdrawal phase until they are stable and detoxed, usually taking about a week.

Is outpatient detox at home safe?

Because the detox process is initiated and overseen by a medical doctor and assisted by a trained detox nurse detoxing at home is considered safe if the client has been determined to be a good candidate for at home detox.  The client’s vital signs will be carefully monitored throughout, with ongoing communication between nursing staff and doctor.

Another benefit to detoxing at home is the opportunity for the detox team to observe the client in their home environment and note any issues that may undermine recovery.  Sometimes furniture will be rearranged to change up the living space in order to avoid reverting to the same substance use habits.  Family dynamic can be observed as well, identifying dysfunctional situations that should be addressed early in recovery.  All this leads to a safe detox experience, and a good foundation for the upcoming addiction treatment phase.

MD Home Detox for safe outpatient detox at home

 MD Home Detox can ensure a safe, effective drug and alcohol outpatient detox within the privacy of your home. Detox locations served include Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco in California. Clients will be carefully monitored during the detox and withdrawal phase of recovery by a skilled and experienced team of addiction specialists, including a physician and detox nurse.  For more information about the benefits of home detox, contact MD Home Detox today at 888.592.8541

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