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Food Addiction. Are You an Addict?

food addiction

As humans, eating is a necessity for normal body functioning and survival. At some point in our lives, we have overeaten food for being deliciously irresistible, our favorite meals, or due to cravings. This is normal since it has happened to almost everyone, but there is a very thin line between food addiction and over-indulgence […]

How to Detox from Xanax at Home

detox from xanax at home

For those who have used or abused Xanax for some time, it is quite common for them to wonder how they can detox from Xanax at home or if it is even possible in the first place. Those who quit using Xanax may experience uncomfortable withdrawal signs. Some effects of detoxing from this drug are […]

Registered Nurse Services. Why at Home Detox Is Popular

registered nurse services

Addiction treatment has always been done in confined surroundings with constant supervision by doctors and other certified caregivers. While this care has often been life-changing, it is continuously viewed with some judgment. This perception has made many addicts hesitant to seek help, even though their health, finances, and life are dependent on it. These addicts […]

Inpatient vs. At-Home Treatment for Addiction

Inpatient vs. At-Home Treatment for Addiction

Every case of addition is unique, with specific personal needs that should be approached accordingly for best results. Here, we will discuss the various strengths, weaknesses, and best case applications for inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment and addiction rehabilitation. For the best chance at a full and sustainable recovery, finding the best program for the patient […]