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28 Aug

Side by Side Withdrawal Comparison

Withdrawal symptoms are physical and psychological responses as the result of the mind and body reacting to the absence of a substance that an individual had become dependent on in order to function “normally.” Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the type of drug, length of use,  and amounts used. For example, symptoms of alcohol withdrawal […]

09 Jun

Getting Hooked on Opioids After the Dentist

Dentists and medical professionals, in general, are an important component in fighting the opioid epidemic, as they play a large role in perpetuating the prevalence and availability of these substances, due in part to what appears to be careless prescribing practices. In recent years, despite releasing its guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain, the […]

23 Apr

The Science behind ‘Getting Hooked’

Addiction is regarded as a disorder that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and uses and involves physical changes to the brain’s functioning involved in the reward system, stress response, and ability for self-control. Just like heart disease, addiction can be thought of as a disease of the brain, in its disruption of the normal, […]