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02 Jun

Are You Ready For Recovery?

1. What is my Motivation for Recovery? There are many different paths that may lead someone to recovery, however best outcomes occur once you are able to find a reason to do it for yourself rather than to rely on the idea of pleasing someone else. While we can work with those of you who […]

16 Apr

Sober Life After Detox

After completing a drug and alcohol rehab program, your recovery journey is far from over. In fact, you’ve just begun! Although some individuals choose not to move forward with any formal treatment options after drug rehab, you are much more likely to achieve lifelong success in your sobriety if you continue with a long-term treatment […]

29 Mar

Why Mental Health is Important in Addiction Recovery

People speak about the mental health issues surrounding addiction with delicacy, deference, and perhaps a little bit of cowardice. Mental health isn’t just an issue, it’s the only issue. A person can lose both legs below the knee, and if they’re okay with it, then it’s okay. By the same token, a person can be […]

22 Mar
substance addiction

Inpatient vs. At-Home Treatment for Addiction: Which is Best?

Every case of addition is unique, with specific personal needs that should be approached accordingly for best results. Here, we will discuss the various strengths, weaknesses, and best case applications for inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment and addiction rehabilitation. For the best chance at a full and sustainable recovery, finding the best program for the patient […]