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Addiction affects every member of the family and so every member of the family can benefit from taking part in the recovery process. If the client wishes to engage in family counseling, then MD Home Detox can make referrals.

Family counseling for addiction and mental health

If the client wishes to engage in family counseling, then MD Home Detox can make referrals. Our therapists work closely with family members to provide family counseling and to identify ways the addiction has impacted their relationships. Family members can attend our workshops to learn about healthy boundaries, codependency, addiction, co-occurring disorders, and improving communication. Our therapists also assist family members in finding more resources for support in the community, such as groups, hobbies or classes.

What will my family do while I’m detoxing?

Our assessment and screening process includes assessing how to best support your detox at home. Some home environments are conducive to having the family stay in the home. Some families prefer to stay with family, or friends at a nearby hotel while their family member is detoxing at home.

Should my family go to therapy or Al-Anon while I detox?

We recommend that families get support while a family member is detoxing. Our treatment team includes Marriage and Family Therapists who can work provide family counseling and connect them with community supports if needed.

Should I be in therapy while I detox?

MD Home Detox has Marriage and Family Therapists available if this is appropriate for your treatment plan. Our treatment team always recommends having a safe and successful detox before engaging in any kind of therapy.


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