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Calabasas Home Detox Program


Calabasas Home Detox Program

Many people addicted to drugs or alcohol have avoided detox programs because they have never been able to afford the high cost of treatment centers. Others have work or school schedules that don’t allow them 30 days more to enroll at an inpatient detox center even if they could afford it.

How wide spread is the problem? Government studies show that of the estimated 23.5 million addicts in this country, only about 2.5 million actually seek formal detox help.

Now, thankfully, there are out-patient detox programs that bring the treatment and care to you in your own home.

Our California company called MD Home Detox is a pioneer in providing lower cost in-home detoxification care designed to help you or a loved one safely withdraw from drug or alcohol dependency in the privacy of your own home.

Who is eligible for a home-based detox program?

The MD Home Detox program is designed to help those in the beginning or early stages of addiction or for those or people who need support after undergoing an inpatient rehab program.

Our specialty is very complex clients that need a treatment plan customized to fit their specific needs because other methods have failed.

How does the MD Home Detox program work?

1. Call the 800 number below for an initial telephone screening. If you appear to be eligible for the in-home care, arrangements will be made to have our clinical team come to your home.

2. The medical team will determine your addiction level and devise a plan of action that fits you and your family. Our ultimate goal is to rid yourself of your dependency on drugs or alcohol and regain control of your life.

3. Mdhomedetox has private nurses that have experience working in hospitals and treatment facilities. They will visit your home on a regular basis to check on detox progress and to see that adherence to the prescribed treatment is being followed. Our nurses also interact closely with our supervising doctor and clinical team.

4. A full discharge plan will be presented to each patient after they have successfully completed the MD Home Detox out-patient program.

Detox from Home in Calabasas

Pick up that phone and call us at 888.592.8541 TODAY!

The professional staff at Calabasas MD Home Detox are available day or night, seven days a week. Let our counselors explain our program in full, and let today be the first day of the rest of your life.

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