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A Quick Guide To Alcohol Withdrawal Insomnia & How To Cope

With excessive alcohol consumption and dependency comes severe health issues like insomnia during withdrawal.

Alcohol abuse and addiction are major problems in the US. The stats are staggering, with over 3 million Americans dying from alcohol yearly. With excessive alcohol consumption and dependency comes severe health issues like insomnia during withdrawal. If you or someone you know is struggling with an alcohol use disorder, the inability to sleep can […]

Setting Goals and Expectations in Detox and Recovery

goals and expectations in detox

An essential part of detox is to set goals with realistic expectations. This is a crucial step in the recovery process. Without taking the time to set goals and expectations in detox, you will not have a clear path forward after you complete your treatment.  The Importance of Realistic Expectations in Recovery Having realistic expectations […]

Signs and Symptoms of Adderall Addiction

adderall addiction

Adderal has become a popular drug frequently misused by teenagers and young adults. Thanks to pop culture, television, and movies, Adderall has been portrayed as a drug that helps enhance studying and as a party drug. However, misusing Adderall without a prescription can negatively impact your body and mind. By learning more about the signs […]

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Drunk Syndrome?

dry drunk

Some people attempt to tackle their alcohol use disorder (AUD) on their own. They stop drinking altogether, tough it out during detox and withdrawal, and make a personal promise never to drink again. However, this is only one small part of AUD treatment. As a result, some people end up experiencing the symptoms of “dry […]

What Are Meth Sores?

what are meth sores

Meth abuse causes many problems in a person’s life. Any type of addiction harms people, but meth can prove especially harsh. One of the big risks involves skin damage like meth sores. What are meth sores? They come from harm done to the skin by a meth user. Additionally, not providing medical care for them […]

Can You Get Addicted To Sleeping Pills?

can you get addicted to sleeping pills

Insomnia can be brought on by excess stress, anxiety, or the inability to quiet one’s thoughts. So, you may take sleeping pills to help you fall asleep when you are struggling with insomnia. It is understandable you may have concerns and wonder whether you can get addicted to sleeping pills.    What Are Sleeping Pills? Sleeping […]

What Are The Hydromorphone Withdrawal Symptoms?

Hydromorphone Withdrawal beverly hills ca

There are different prescription opioid medications used to treat painful conditions, such as hydromorphone. When taken responsibly and as directed, most people do not develop an addiction to the drug.  However, when the drug is misused, there are risks of developing dependence and addiction. Whether taken short-term or long-term, there is always the risk of […]

Overcoming The Fear Of Drug Withdrawal

fear of withdrawal

When you have been misusing alcohol or drugs for a while, the thought of stopping can make you feel fearful. You may be afraid of not knowing how to function without being under the influence of substances. You might equally be scared that you will have to deal with the fear of withdrawal if you […]

What Are The Different Types Of Designer Drugs?

what are designer drugs

For some people, misusing illicit substances, such as cocaine, opioids, or marijuana, is not sufficient to bring about the euphoric state they desire. Instead, they turn to designer drugs that deliver a higher and stronger effect. So, what is a designer drug, and how is it misused? Read on to learn more about the different […]

The Dangers of Fentanyl Withdrawal

dangers of fentanyl withdrawal

As with other highly addictive substances, the dangers of fentanyl withdrawal can be quite severe. In addition, as the drug is purged from the body, it can cause undesirable side effects that could result in relapse or even death in extreme cases. Therefore, fentanyl withdrawal and detox should always be supervised by an appropriate health […]