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do interventions really work


Do Interventions Really Work for Drug Addiction?

An intervention is one-way concerned family members and friends can motivate an individual with an alcohol or drug abuse problem to seek substance abuse treatment. These face-to-face meetings allow those concerned to express their fears and worries about the individual’s drug and/or alcohol abuse. The goal of any intervention is for the drug abuser to seek treatment. While the idea of an intervention might sound stressful at first, it can lead to recovery if conducted in the right manner.

What happens during an intervention?

In these carefully planned meetings, family, friends, and loved ones attempt to convince an individual that he or she needs help. They encourage the person to seek treatment in a firm, but loving way. Generally, loved ones present the individual with examples of destructive behaviors and how those behaviors have impacted their lives and relationships. Loved ones also offer a prearranged treatment plan with definitive goals, explaining any consequences if the addict does not accept treatment. These consequences could be losing a job or loss of financial support. More importantly, loved ones offer support through what can be a frightening time for anyone attempting to recover from an addiction.

Because no one can accurately predict how an addiction intervention will go, many families invite an interventionist to attend the meeting. Interventionists are trained professionals who help the process run smoothly. Because no two addicts are alike, there can be no guarantee on their reaction. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to have a non-biased person present to guide the meeting and answer any questions.

Why choose to have an intervention?

Interventions are helpful because an addict rarely realizes just how serious his or her problem is. Usually, years of denial cause the person to ignore warning signs that others live with — sometimes on a daily basis.

While the thought of an intervention might cause anxiety, it is worth noting that interventions are often a first step to seeking treatment, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. These meetings often give an individual the chance to face the severity of the problem and choose treatment with the much-needed support of loved ones.

Do interventions actually work for substance abuse?

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence claims that addiction interventions have a 90 percent success rate when it comes to addicts making a commitment to get help. That’s good news, and it should encourage anyone who may be considering staging an intervention.

Tips for a successful intervention

• Interventions should be planned and never spur of the moment.
• Interventions should take place when the individual is not using.
• Successful interventions are focused on an event that resulted from the individual’s drug use, such as a DUI or an instance when they were caught lying or stealing.
• Family members should be patient and realize that the individual might become angry and argumentative.
• Family members should avoid saying or doing anything that feels like an aggressive confrontation. That being said, they should also anticipate the reaction of the individual and prepare rational, composed reasons why treatment is necessary.
• Loved ones should ask for an immediate decision about substance abuse treatment because if given the chance to “think about it,” many addicts could binge or attempt to hide.

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The road to recovery might be tough but it doesn’t have to be faced alone, and interventions offer individuals a chance to seek treatment with the support of loved ones.

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