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MD Home Detox provides quality detox services based on your requests and needs. We offer professionals that come out to you and provide the detox services you’re in need of.

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    The first step in many individuals’ continuum of care is detox as it sets them up for successful recovery outcomes on a long-term scale. Unfortunately, withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can seem overwhelming and deter many from seeking proper addiction treatment. Oftentimes, those who are ready to begin the detox process still worry about undergoing withdrawals in an unfamiliar environment. Furthermore, they may feel scared and unsafe with this idea.

    At MD Home Detox, we know detoxing alone can be dangerous, even fatal. Additionally, we understand the importance of detoxing in an environment you feel the best in. Thankfully, at-home detox in New Jersey is available through MD Home Detox. Our detox team comes to you, so you can get the medical supervision you need while in the comfort of your home environment. 

    New Jersey Addiction Statistics

    New Jersey has a reputation for being diverse with its charming countryside, scenic highways, and infamous shoreline. Home to almost 9 million people, this small state has plenty of appeal to both residents and tourists. Unfortunately, New Jersey also has some of the highest rates of substance use and drug overdoses in the nation. 

    Consequently, the opioid epidemic has taken its toll on New Jersey, as it has on the rest of the country. Over 3,000 lethal overdoses occurred in New Jersey in 2019, with the majority of these involving opioids. The same year, almost 50,000 individuals were reported to have started treatment in New Jersey for opioids, including heroin, the state’s most commonly used drug. Specifically, there has been a significant increase in the use of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times the potency of heroin. Drugs are often laced with this powerful substance, sometimes with the individual completely unaware, leading to the development of severe addictions.

    In addition to spikes in opioid use, alcohol abuse continues to be a serious problem in New Jersey. In fact, in 2017, almost 17% of the state’s residents reported binge drinking within the past 30 days. It was also reported that the highest rates of binge drinking in New Jersey occurred in the Hispanic community. The counties with over a 20% binge drinking rate included Monmouth and Sussex. These statistics highlight the need for addiction treatment in New Jersey. Nevertheless, MD Home Detox’s private services are available throughout the state, making this essential first step more accessible than ever. 

    What Type of Substances Do I Need to Detox From?

    It is important that you clear your body of any illicit or misused substances prior to seeking further addiction treatment. Our care team is equipped to handle both alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. We suggest medically-supervised detox for the following drugs among others:

    • Heroin
    • Fentanyl
    • Prescription opioids (such as morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone)
    • Benzodiazepines (such as Xanax, Valium, Ativan)
    • Barbiturates and sleep aids
    • Cocaine
    • Amphetamines 
    • Prescription stimulants (such as Adderall)  

    What Happens During an At-Home Detox in New Jersey?

    Detox is a service that is used to help those physically and/or psychologically dependent on a substance clear their systems of all toxins. This process should always take place under strict medical supervision, which is why we consistently monitor those in our at-home detox program. 

    Your at-home detox experience will be customized to fit your needs and circumstances. However, we do follow a set protocol. These steps ensure that we have covered all of the bases, so you can receive the comprehensive care you need. This protocol includes:

    • Initial Evaluation: Our team will gather your medical history, including your history of substance use. Understanding this information along with learning more about your home environment, potential triggers, and relationship with your family or roommates will help our team to create an effective at-home treatment plan. 
    • Examination: Your physical health is also important in determining your particular needs. Before setting your plan into motion, we will need to conduct a full examination, which includes laboratory testing. 
    • At-Home Detox Begins: Our qualified nursing staff will come to your home to assure your comfort and safety. We administer medications as needed to manage your withdrawal symptoms and ease your cravings.

    The primary purpose of detox is to prepare you for continued addiction treatment. Then, after you have completed this essential first step, we can assist you in finding additional programming.

    What Withdrawal Symptoms Should I Expect?

    You will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms as your body resets to how it functioned prior to substance use. Unfortunately, this period of transition is uncomfortable. Despite any discomfort, MD Home Detox will be with you every step of the way, and at the end of this process, you will feel renewed.

    Exact withdrawal symptoms as well as their severity depend on the substance used, how often it is used, and for how long it’s been used. Furthermore, if individuals combined different types of drugs together, they can expect to have withdrawal symptoms reflecting that. Generally, individuals can expect to experience some degree of the following symptoms: 

    • Upset stomach (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea)
    • Sore muscles and aches
    • Increased blood pressure/heart rate
    • Shakiness/tremors
    • Fever/chills
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Changes in appetite
    • Excessive sweating
    • Anxiety/depression
    • Intense cravings
    • In severe cases: hallucinations/delusions/seizures 

    Will Insurance Cover My Detox in New Jersey?

    In many cases, your insurance plan will at least partially cover the cost of detox. Following the Affordable Care Act, Marketplace insurers are required to consider behavioral health coverage, including substance use treatment, under their essential health benefits. It is important to remember that this only applies to in-network providers.

    At MD Home Detox, we work with many insurance companies to make our services as accessible as possible. You can utilize our insurance verification form to see if you are covered. Additionally, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about funding care for yourself or for a loved one as well as discuss payment plans options. 

    Benefits of At-Home Detox

    Unlike traditional detox, at-home treatment provides our patients with the ability to go through this process in the comfort of their own homes while having the support of their loved ones. In addition to an increased success rate in recovery, benefits of our at-home detox in New Jersey include:

    • Lower cost: When participating in a medically-assisted home detox, your home becomes the treatment facility, thus preventing you from paying for a daily bed and gratuitous services.
    • Reduced time commitment: By receiving treatment in your home, it allows you to continue your daily routine without having to take time off to reside at a facility.
    • Individualized services: You will be receiving the same care and services as you would in a facility; however, you will have direct attention and 100% of the team’s focus.
    • Familiarity: You know your home better than anyone and we know the withdrawal and detox process. Together, we can come up with effective ways to keep you comfortable
    • Quality care: Our private nursing staff stays with you during the process, providing medications, checking and monitoring your vitals, and ensuring you are getting an adequate amount of nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

    At-Home Detox Services in New Jersey

    We understand that going through withdrawals alone can be dangerous and lead to relapse; let MD Home Detox help. Our nurses are dedicated to getting you through this difficult process as safely and smoothly as possible. With MD Home Detox, you can recover privately and safely while you to remain in the comfort of your home. To learn more about the services we provide in New Jersey or to get started on your journey to sobriety today, please give us a call or use our contact form.

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