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OxyContin Withdrawal and Detox

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OxyContin is a prescription medication whose main intent is to relieve pain. Its generic name is oxycodone, and it is an opioid that is not well handled by non-opioid medicines. It is very addictive, and most cases are due to people who used it as pain medication and eventually turned to abuse it. It is available in pill or tablet form for oral intake. OxyContin detox can be extremely painful, and it is wise to be under the supervision of a medical professisonal.

Taking OxyContin alongside alcohol or other illicit drugs can have very adverse and even fatal effects on the human body. Addiction to this drug causes a high risk of physical and psychological dependence on it for the normal functioning of the body. Some of the nicknames given to OxyContin are; blues, hillbilly heroin, blue oxy, kickers, killers, OC, and oxycotton. 

Common Symptoms of OxyContin Withdrawal

Withdrawal is the physical and psychological symptoms that accompany the termination of the usage of a drug. The degree of severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on how long the person has been abusing OxyContin and the amount they have been using. 

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Those who have been using it for longer and have been using a large amount tend to get the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. People who use it less often may not even realize that they are undergoing withdrawal. 

Some of those that use it as medication have said they experienced ‘flu-like’ symptoms after they stopped using the OxyContin medication. The withdrawal symptoms experienced due to OxyContin are similar to those of other opiate-based drugs such as morphine, heroin, and codeine. 

The early symptoms of withdrawal from OxyContin are the following:


Aching muscles

Having trouble sleeping, otherwise known as insomnia



Increased tearing

Some later withdrawal symptoms of OxyContin are:



Nausea and vomiting

Cramping experienced in the abdominal area

Dilated pupils


Poor concentration

Mood swings

How Long Does OxyContin Withdrawal Last?

The time it takes to overcome withdrawal depends on the user. The factors that determine how long OxyContin  withdrawal lasts are as follows:

1. The amount of time the person has been using OxyContin 

2. How much they took each time

3. The frequency with which they took it that is, regularly or occasionally

4. Their mental health and past medical history, including physical factors such as gender and weight

6. Whether or not they mixed OxyContin  with alcohol or any other drugs

7. How they took the drug, be it snorting or injection.

Withdrawal symptoms of OxyContin usually appear 8-12 hours after the last dose, and once the symptoms start, they can last up to a week. In most instances, the symptoms peak within 72 hours and gradually lessen. 

Acute withdrawal, which is when the most intense psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms set in, lasts up to one week. Withdrawal symptoms that last more than a week are called PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms), and they can last between 18-24 months. 


The safest way for an OxyContin addict to turn to sobriety is by detoxification. Detoxification is the process of creating an environment to allow the body to remove the drugs in it. This process requires a medical professional to oversee it, especially in the case of OxyContin abuse. There are several methods for OxyContin detox available that depend on the individual’s needs. These are:

Medical Detox

This is usually done in a health facility with an inpatient setting available. Detox is the first part of an inpatient rehabilitation program and is carried out when the patient first arrives. The inpatient program ensures that the patient is supervised and cared for at all times. 

In case of severe and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, immediate medical intervention is provided. Medical detox is most suited for those with poor health or those who consumed a large amount of OxyContin.

Outpatient Detox

This method also involves medical supervision, but patients are not checked into a health facility. They visit the treatment center routinely but do not spend the night there. When these patients visit the treatment centers, they are advised accordingly and provided to help them taper off OxyContin and manage their withdrawal symptoms. This method of detox takes a longer amount of time than inpatient detox.

Detoxing at Home

In this method, the patient stays at home during their withdrawal. Detoxing at home is more suited for those with overall good health and may only be expecting mild withdrawal symptoms. Due to the lack of round-the-clock medical care, those with more serious cases of addiction are advised not to detox at home because they require more medical attention. 

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This method of detox is expected to last longer than clinical detox as patients are supposed to taper off OxyContin that much slower. Those who are going through detoxification require constant support from loved ones to ensure their safe recovery.

MD Home Detox in Los Angeles

At MD Home Detox, we are a concierge recovery program dedicated to satisfying our clients’ individual needs in the comfort of their own home. Deciding to recover from OxyContin addiction is a bold step, and we will be with you throughout such a harrowing journey. Our team of trained medical professionals will assess your medical situation and provide treatment customized to cater to your needs.

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MD Home Detox will provide a recovery companion throughout your recovery, and a doctor will visit your home every day to check on your progress. This will ensure you get all the medical attention you need in your recovery. 

We offer interventions for addicts who have not accepted their addiction yet, executive detox for celebrities, CEOs, and those in managerial positions, home IV therapy,  mental health stabilization to ensure mental stability even after recovery and family counseling to establish a safe environment for recovery.

You can find us in California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Washington. 

Self Detox from OxyContin

OxyContin is a prescription painkiller that is opiate-based. It is highly addictive, and most of those addicted to it used it as a painkiller before abusing it. The severity of withdrawal symptoms ranges from ‘flu-like’ symptoms to life-threatening symptoms depending on how long one has been using it and how much is taken each time. Common withdrawal symptoms of OxyContin are mood swings, increased anxiety, sweating, insomnia, depression, and diarrhea.

Detoxification from OxyContin is the process of removing the drug from the body. This can be done at a health facility in an inpatient or outpatient program or home. MD Home Detox provides concierge detox services to those who prefer to recover at their place of residence. Our flexible program allows you to recover at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

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