At Home Drug Testing and Monitoring

At Home Drug Testing and Monitoring

Recovery rates have been shown to improve for those who follow detoxification with regular drug testing. The testing provides the client and the family with ongoing monitoring that psychologically reinforces the client’s commitment to his or her recovery. This testing occurs twice a week, and is sent to our labs to monitor usage of all substances, including alcohol.

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Yes, we will provide a private duty nurse, or a recovery companion the entire time, and a Medical Doctor will visit the home once per day.

We recommend having a home clean of drugs and alcohol during active detoxification, as this process is taking place in the home. Once you have stabilized, we will work with you and your family to support your plan toward achieving treatment plan goals. This often includes an exploration of the pros and cons of keeping substances in the home, and how it affects the overall well-being of each family member.

MD Home Detox helps clients determine the best ways to address relapse before relapse occurs. These options might include re-engaging with a sober companion or beginning treatment with an Intensive Outpatient or Inpatient facility. Our treatment team will work with you to assess the reasons for relapse, and will support you in implementing plans to get you back on track.

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