Professional Interventions

An intervention includes family and friends, and others who are involved in the life of someone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. During the intervention, each person in the group asks the addicted person to accept treatment after discussing the consequences of the addiction. In addition, the interventions include:

  • Gives the addicted person clear examples of how his or her behavior has had a negative impact on loved ones and their relationships.
  • Offers an option for a treatment plan with clear actions to take, reasons for the actions and goals.
  • Lists how each family member will contribute to the recovery process if the addicted person accepts treatment, or which consequences will result if the addicted person refuses treatment.
  • Provides transportation to an appropriate facility if treatment outside the home is preferable to the family and client.

Related Q&A:

Yes, you and your treatment team can work together on an ongoing basis to change and modify your plans as needed. For example, some of our clients find that 12-step recovery is not for them. The MD Home Detox team uses a holistic approach, to help these clients find other supports for their long and short term goals.

Our assessment and screening process includes assessing how to best support your detox at home. Some home environments are conducive to having the family stay in the home. Some families prefer to stay with family, or friends or at a nearby hotel while their family member is detoxing at home.

We recommend that families get support while a family member is detoxing. Our treatment team includes Marriage and Family Therapists who can work with your family and connect them with community supports if needed.

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