MD Home Detox In California

At-Home Executive Detox

what is at home executive detox

Detox is the act and process of abstaining from drugs after a considerable amount of use. Your body will be used to the regular use of drugs. As a result, you will face withdrawal symptoms depending on factors like the type of substance you abused and how much you have used. If you detox by […]

Food Addiction. Are You an Addict?

food addiction

As humans, eating is a necessity for normal body functioning and survival. At some point in our lives, we have overeaten food for being deliciously irresistible, our favorite meals, or due to cravings. This is normal since it has happened to almost everyone, but there is a very thin line between food addiction and over-indulgence […]

What is CCAPP (California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals)

What is CCAPP

As the rate of addiction soars in the United States, the demand for substance abuse counselors continues to rise. Statistics by the Department of Labor show that this need will increase by close to 23% between 2016 and 2026. This growth is mainly because of two factors.    First, more Americans continue to seek addiction counseling […]

Registered Nurse Services. Why at Home Detox Is Popular

registered nurse services

Addiction treatment has always been done in confined surroundings with constant supervision by doctors and other certified caregivers. While this care has often been life-changing, it is continuously viewed with some judgment. This perception has made many addicts hesitant to seek help, even though their health, finances, and life are dependent on it. These addicts […]

Natural vs Medical Detox

natural vs medical detox

When a person habitually uses drugs or alcohol, they are bound to develop tolerance and a physical adaptation to the presence of the substance in their body to the point that they need more of it to function. This is what those in the recovery community call substance “dependence”. Once achieving this status, a sudden […]