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Why Detoxing at Home is a Good Idea

Detoxing at Home

Deciding that you’re ready to pursue a drug-free lifestyle is a huge and life-changing decision, however, unfortunately, it is only the first of many on your recovery journey. Perhaps you have been subject to an intervention, and your eyes were opened to the impact of your use on yourself and loved ones in your life. It could be some trouble with the legal system, or at work, or perhaps independent of those things, you have realized the error of your ways, and recognize that it’s time for the needless suffering to end.

First on the to-do list is to find a reputable detox facility for you to complete the first leg of your journey. You may have any number of concerns when choosing a facility that will set you up best for the rest of the recovery process, but perhaps none appear to matter quite as much as the location. You may think you want something in town, or something far away, however, the problem with both is that it’s not home. 

Recover At Home

There are many reasons to forgo the traditional detox facility for the services that MD Home Detox provides to you in the comfort of your own space. Whether there are concerns for comfort, confidentiality or privacy, having your treatment team come to you can be a perfect solution. As a high-power executive or someone in the public eye, your responsibilities will not necessarily cease as soon as you enter into treatment. While detoxing and recovery will take up a large portion of your day and mind space, and rightfully so, we understand that life outside keeps on turning and that others may be dependent upon you to get back with them in a timely manner. Even if those labels don’t necessarily apply to you, we know that there are many unique situations that may lead you to seek in-home care, and we aim to be your perfect solution. 

A Healthy Environment

You may read material from other treatment centers that criticize or look down upon staying close to home for treatment, let alone in your own house. Their logic is that it is important to get away from familiar triggers, from distractions, or interruptions. This, however, does not account for the fact that more than likely, you will be returning to those very same triggers, distractions, and interruptions upon completion from their program with tools for coping, sure, but without the actual practice of doing so. Creating treatment that accounts for these real-life situations and gives you real-life practice managing your responsibilities just as well as your recovery, may actually be better for you long-term.

Quality Medical Care

When utilizing our services, you get all of the medical attention that you would expect from a specialized facility, but we bring it to you. Our private nursing staff will closely monitor you throughout the entire process: your vitals, medication regimen, sleep patterns, and nutritional intake. We will be there with every step to let you know what to expect and provide you with the resources you need to be successful. 

Access to Support

It is well known that a huge part of a successful recovery is when the family gets involved. Having family nearby to engage in the treatment planning process, and even just to understand the importance of their role can be huge in sustaining long-term recovery. Ensuring that your family members are involved can be the difference between relapse and finding success. Request a callback to learn more about how we work to support family members throughout this processor to clear up any questions about our home detox services

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