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20 Sep

Why Should I Consider Having a Recovery Companion?

In Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs, the first “step” is to admit that a life in the sole pursuit of alcohol and other drugs has become unmanageable. It describes those who have fallen into its trap as powerless on their own to make changes. For this reason, and for the overall difficulty of the […]

19 Jul
How To Sober Up For Good - Big Events, Inc.

How To Sober Up For Good

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you’re already aware of how difficult it is to detox and remain sober. Although quitting can be hard, there are several steps you can take to successfully beat an addiction. First, you’ll need to recognize and acknowledge that you have a […]

What to Do if You Relapse

By Jose Hernandez You may have completed a treatment program, finished detox or even have some time in recovery under your belt. You possibly even had a relapse prevention plan in place. However life-long sobriety from alcoholism and addiction is contingent on the daily maintenance of your disease. It’s easy to get caught up in […]

13 Oct

What is Cross Addiction?

By Jose Hernandez If you’ve been through any type of treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, you’ve probably heard the term cross addiction. What is cross addiction? Cross addiction occurs when the addict or alcoholic gives up one addiction and trades it for another. For example; a heroin addict who gets sober may not think […]

21 Jan


Let’s face it; any way you look at it detoxing is not an easy thing to do. Whether you’re coming off cigarettes, sugar, alcohol or crack who wants to do go through the intense cravings, the sweaty nights of lying awake, chills or the flu-like symptoms that can make you want to crawl up in […]

18 Jun

Intervention: How to Help Your Loved Ones

Many individuals engage in self-destructive behaviors. These can include addictions, gambling, eating disorders and other problems. Often, the person is not aware of how serious the situation is, since the mental health problem that they have is clouding their judgment. For example, a person with anorexia is quite literally unable to see just how thin […]

18 Jun

Daughter Lost to Opiates

Twenty. That’s how old my daughter was when she never woke up one day. Oxycodone. The pill slowed her heartbeat, it stopped, and before anyone could revive her, she died. My heart was broken. That was eleven years ago. The drugs didn’t define who she was. Stephanie was a vibrant young woman who loved helping […]

10 Nov

WHAT IS AN INTERVENTION? Squaring off against Addiction

  By Andrew Finley, M.A., MFT The official definition of an intervention is “an orchestrated attempt by a group of people to intercede on behalf of a person whose behaviors and habits are damaging their life, sanity and health as well as the lives and well-being of those around them.” This person, who shall hereafter […]

08 Sep

5 Questions Opiate Abusers Ask

  Deciding to stop drinking or using drugs is the first step toward recovery, but the most feared and physically challenging step is detoxification, particular for those abusing opiates.  Detoxing from opiates is so challenging that it’s often the reason a person relapses. However with supportive physical and emotional care and by understanding what to […]