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Home Detox Services in California

Are you looking for home detox services in California? If so, you’re in the right place.

Many people are not aware that an at-home detox is an option. But it’s important to know that you can do this at home, as long as you have the assistance of a trained medical professional. A doctor and detox nurse can make all the difference in helping you rid your body from dangerous substances.

Understanding Detox

Addicted people choose detox so they can stop using drugs and alcohol once and for all. Whether you’re looking for a safe place to detox or considering home detox services in California, it’s essential to do your research on the providers. Detox is both medicine and science, and many facilities lack the medically-trained staff that is needed to provide a safe and comfortable experience.

The first step in recovery is always the same – you must stop using alcohol and drugs. But the addicted body doesn’t agree with this first step and fights every step of the way to make you crave your substance of choice. Addicted persons often try to quit using on their own, but find the withdrawal symptoms and emotions that come up confusing and overwhelming.

Addiction affects more than just a person’s body. The use of an addictive substance can cause not only physical dependence but also changes to the brain that affects the way a person feels, thinks, and acts.

Why Choose Home Detox in California?

Detoxing from substances is hard enough. For many people, detoxing at a detox center can have ill effects. There may be difficulty trusting the staff, especially if they seem untrained. If you live in the state of California, you may be aware that many shady providers handle detox and treatment. There has been a lot of insurance fraud in the drug treatment realm over the past several years.

If you’re going to a regular detox program in-state, you may not have access to Medication-Assisted treatment (MAT) that reduces cravings. And there may be problems that aren’t noticed by medical staff, and therefore go untreated. Home

Most drugs, especially opioids and amphetamine-type drugs, have withdrawal symptoms when a person ceases using them after a long period of consistent drug use. However, each person experiences withdrawal differently, and there is no uniform way to treat people. Detoxing is an intimate, personal experience that varies from person to person. Many people find that detoxing from home is a relief that can be safe and practical.

Why is Home Detox Effective?

Addiction is a painful and overwhelming disease. When your body is depending on a substance, and you take that substance away, you’re going to experience withdrawal. If you don’t have help with those withdrawal symptoms, you will likely go back to your drug of choice quickly. Detox helps you pave the way to substantial sober time. It lets you have time to breathe, begin the healing process, and purge your body of poisons while you plan for the future in recovery.

Many people, especially those in California, want to get help for themselves but have trouble taking the first step to recovery. Detox facilities may seem scary, dangerous, or impersonal. You’re not a number or just “another addict.” You’re an individual, and your needs may not be exactly like another’s. Home detox can help you get the personalized help you need to rid your body of drugs and alcohol.

The Home Detox Experience in California

Detoxing at home is a personal experience. You’re in a place you feel safe and comfortable. You’ll have your family, friends, or pets with you if you choose. There are a lot of choices involved when you’re able to home detox. You can select the food you eat, nap when you want, distract yourself with television or a hobby, and wear and change clothing whenever you choose.

People choose home detox for many reasons. Here are some of the top reasons to have MD Home Detox help you get clean and sober:

  • Home detox is perfectly safe. The only person your medical team is worried about helping is you. You won’t be overlooked if you’re sick or in pain. Our team will do everything they can to help you stay comfortable.
  • It’s private. You won’t run into anyone you know or worry about being seen. You can stay indoors until you feel better.
  • Home detoxing allows you all of the creature comforts you need. It may be advisable to throw out things related to your drug or alcohol use or re-arrange furniture, etc. to make your home environment feel “different.” Your medical team can help make suggestions and move things around if needed.
  • It’s 100% confidential. No one has to know that you’re at home detoxing. The focus is simply on getting you sober so you can begin healing.
  • It’s safe. Personal detox monitoring can be more reliable at home than in inpatient settings. You will have trained medical staff keeping an eye on you and monitoring you much more closely.

Home Detoxing in California

Each client is evaluated and attended to by a detox nurse who is under doctor supervision. A comprehensive evaluation helps the doctor decide if you need Medication-Assisted Treatment or other help, and the detox nurse will administer assistance for all of your withdrawal symptoms.  Detoxing is focused on both safety and comfort.

Detox symptoms usually begin 6-12 hours from the last time you used the drug. You’ll be monitored throughout your home detox period. Doctors will continue to evaluate how you feel because symptoms usually spike around the third day of withdrawal and taper off. However, each person’s experience of detox symptoms is unique, and medical professionals understand this.

MD Home Detox Can Help

If you want help for a substance use problem, it’s important to realize you’ll need a little help along the way. Home detox is available in California, and our professionals make sure your experience is c comfortable, discreet, and safe. For more information about the benefits of home detox, contact MD Home Detox today at 888.592.8541. All phone calls are 100% confidential, and we will answer any questions you have.

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